THECHNOLOGIC INNOVATION always has been projection of END-CHECK, being a company that since 1987 has increasing with news technologies, research and resources.
In 1994, brought from Europe sport climb technics to use in raised services and difficult access, starting in Brazil Industrial Rope Access In same year adopted equipments using multiples echoes without needs to remove paint or protective coating to read the thickness.
In 1995 started using "intrinsically safe" equipments in chemicals, petrochemicals companies and gas plants.Following years, continous improvement of Industrial Rope Access technics, Nondestructive Testing, Equipments Inspections and Surveys in hard access places.
Year of 2003, acquisition of Ultrasonic Leak Testing.
Year of 2004, acquisition of equipment with datalogger and interface to print report and store more than 200,000 datas.
Year of 2005, acquisition of equipament with data memorization and simultaneous scan, besides AMIGO equipment, a revolution in detection e sizing of fatigues cracks, using ACFM technics.

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