Our teams are able to attend Ships, FPSO’s, Mobile offshore unit, Industrials and Aviation in any country of world, having engineers and technicians with own know- how and training enable to carry out several jobs.

Each team is composed at minimum 2 complete equipments plus acessories for not disturbing loading and discharging operations, can perform surveys according main Class Societies of the world.
One notebook also is avaiable with several softwares (standard IACS or other) to elaboration and printing report on board.
Services during travelling are performed under previous agreement.

We can carry out inspections during manufacturing, in service, maintenances and repairs .
The size of team will be in fuction of job to be carried out.

The services are performed in our laboratory or in the field, according Client order, being composed at minimum 2 technicians (inspector + operator).

- Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
- Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (mills, castings,forgings, welding, parent metal, cracks depth and etc.)
- Ultrasonic Leak Testing
- Penetrant Liquid - Dye Check (visible, , fluorescent)
- Magnetic Particle by Yoke (dry, wet, visible, fluorescent)
- Magnetic Particle by Stationary Equipment (dry, wet, visible, fluorescent)
- Hidrostatic
- Vacuum Box
- Visual (Close up)
- Visual Remote, using CCTV
- Dimensional
- Failure Analysis (Fractographic)
- Metalographic Replica

- Boilers
- Pressure Vessels
- Machinery Equipments
- Pipelines
- Using IRATA climbers
- Surveys

- Dry Docking Attendance
- Hull Inspections
- Weight to be renew calculation

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